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Meet The Staff

My name is Caroline Tyner and I am the proud new owner of The Play Zone in beautiful Hartsville Sc. My husband, CJ, and I were born and raised in Hartsville. We love our town and we feel privileged to be able to serve the families of Hartsville. Our daughter, Kennedy, is 2 years old and loves to come to work with mommy.

I have worked in a hospital setting for over a decade so friends and family always want to know what brought me to the decision to buy a children's Play Zone. It's simple... the mini-me that calls me mommy and the handsome man that calls me wife. I wanted to spend more time with my family. I wanted to pick my daughter up from school. I wanted to be there at dinner and bath time. Sometimes in the medical field you don't get that luxury. When you work at a major hospital, you don't get to make your own schedule. There were some days that I would leave home before Kennedy woke up and I wouldn't get home until after she was asleep. Do that for a week and it becomes unbearable. I love being a CT tech in Radiology, it's in my blood and I'm good at what I do. I love my patients and my co-workers. Like I said, I see them more than I see my own family some weeks. So I will still be helping out at the hospital when needed. If you notice that we are closed on a day that we're usually open, then that's why. I was needed by my CT department, my second family. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far at The Play Zone. We have so many fun, new things planned and I can't wait to share them with you all!

Love, Caroline